Sunday, 15 November 2009

Rural villages need more homes for LOCAL people .

We need sustainable growth in villages . We need local housing for local people affordable and especially built for key workers etc. The countryside is dying. Our village schools are suffering through lack of pupils.
Salaries for those who work in rural communities are much lower than their urban counterparts.
Rural exception sites for house building should be allocated for village people and not for second home owners.
Large landowners are reluctant to part with land for these local needs, landowners are only interested in profit, and it is they who will part with their green belt/ and good quality agricultural land for huge gain.
Many villages are screaming out for twenty or thirty extra homes to keep their villages breathing and alive, restrictions like conservation areas and aonb/ greenbelt are difficult to overcome.
We have no such thing as immigration here in our rural areas, just the loss of homes to weekenders and holiday cottages, and locals squeezed out of the market.